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How to Prepare for an Amco Ranger Visit

If you’ve never had a pest control service, like Amco Ranger, treat your home, you might be wondering about the process. Although every home and situation is unique, we have some suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of Amco Ranger’s treatments.

Clean your home before we arrive. Pick up loose articles of clothing, toys, magazines, books, or any other items that are on the floor or other surfaces and put them away.

Kitchen Preparation
Cover and store any open food. Remove small appliances from countertops and clean off stove and top of refrigerator.

In Case of Infestation
Remove any live insects and insect dirt or eggs. Clean and disinfect the vacuum cleaner. Wash all bedding, including pet bedding, and shake out pillows and cushions from beds and couches.

Outdoor Preparation
Mow the lawn at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment, and do not water the lawn the day of. Sweep sidewalks, but do not hose them down. Make sure the garage is accessible.

Additional Preparation
Take note of any locations on the property where pests, or evidence of pests, have been seen. Compose a list of questions or concerns you would like to address with Amco Ranger during the appointment. Depending on the specific pests, we may suggest additional actions or precautions. As always, if you have any questions about your service or the procedure, please ask us.

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