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Why You Need A Pest Inspection Before You Buy A House

Buying a home is exciting, but it’s easy to overlook key concerns during the process. Although inspecting the foundation and other structural features is common practice, you may not have considered the importance of a pest inspection. Many real estate agents suggest getting both a traditional home inspection and a pest inspection.


A pest inspection will help you avoid the additional cost and damage to property caused by pest infestations. If there are pests present, you can negotiate an overall pest infestation treatment of the property before closing on the house. Having peace of mind before you move in is worth the effort.


The inspection

A typical home inspection and pest inspection are quite different. A home inspection examines the roof, electrical outlets, furnace, and main structure of the house. For a pest inspection, careful attention is paid to the siding, eaves, trim, and wooden parts of the home. Any areas of moisture or rot are noted and examined. The pest inspection helps to ensure that the home isn’t being devoured by termites or playing host to other common pests or vermin.


Pests can do massive damage to a house over time, and it’s always best to catch them as early as possible. Even if pests are detected, that doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless. It does indicate that corrective measures need to be taken before you move in. An experienced pest control company can eliminate termites and other pests.


Of course, pests can only be eliminated if you know they’re there. Spotting common pests such as termites is very difficult with the naked eye. Most household pests are tiny and hidden in spaces that are not easily accessible. These insects can cause severe damage to your potential new home.


The importance

Common household pests like cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, flies, and mosquitoes can cause severe health related problems. Other pests such as carpenter ants, termites, critters, and beetles tend to ravage expensive woodwork.


Termites, in particular, are commonly known as silent destroyers. In most cases, they’re not immediately obvious. Once they do become evident to a homeowner, it’s often too late to avoid serious harm to the structure of the home. Yes, wood can be replaced, but it’s generally quite costly to do so. Early detection could literally save you thousands of dollars.


There are many homeowners that might be more concerned about spiders, ants, or rodents. Although you probably don’t want to be roommates with such pests, they don’t typically cause anywhere near the physical damage that termites can. When it comes to the plywood, wooden frame, or flooring of your home, termites are far more destructive than any other pest. Unfortunately, termites are notoriously difficult to detect. It’s important to have a professional inspection performed by someone with the right experience and training.


We can help

You should always rely on an expert to complete a home inspection. The same is true with a pest inspection. You can trust that Amco Ranger will be thorough in checking for pests as well as checking for dry rot damage, mold, fungus, and damage caused by wood-eating insects. Give us a call today if you need a pest inspection before you buy a home in Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, O’Fallon, Cottleville, St. Peters, St. Charles, St. Louis, and surrounding communities.