5 Places You May Find Wasps at Your Home

Wasps are annoying, but they can also become quite dangerous. When threatened, wasps release pheromones that call out to other wasps so they can swarm and attack the perceived threat. Unlike bees, which typically die after stinging someone, wasps can sting repeatedly, causing serious harm to any of their victims. For this reason, it is crucial that you locate any wasp nests in your home, and then call a professional pest control service that can remove them for you safely. Below are the top five places you may find wasps in your home, so you can locate and remove the insects as soon as possible.

Under Eaves

One of the most popular places for wasps to create a nest is under the eaves of a home, along with porch ceilings and any other type of overhang. Certain types of wasps will create a nest anywhere that has a sturdy horizontal base to hang from. Under the eaves of a home and other small spaces are ideal because the wasps can create the nest in a corner, which offers more protection around the entire structure. Removing a wasp nest is always difficult, but due to the fact that these nests are at a height, it can make removal especially difficult.


Certain species of wasps will find greenery such as trees, shrubs, and bushes to build their nests. Typically, these nests look like gray footballs. Wasps prefer these areas because the shrubbery provides them the protection they need around their home. As the greenery starts to branch out and bloom in the middle of summer, the nest becomes even more hidden, making it a great spot for wasps to hide and seek shelter. It is always advised to move around these areas with a large amount of shrubbery very carefully, as these nests are difficult to spot.


While most people will look up when they are searching for a wasp nest on their property, some people should be looking down. Certain types of wasps, including the yellow jacket, will sometimes burrow underground and build a nest there. Wasps that create nests underground have the potential to be very good for homeowners because they often eat the other insects that can cause harm to the yard, such as flies, caterpillars, and beetle larvae. 

However, even though underground wasps do hold some benefits for homeowners, it is important to identify these nests so you do not step on them. If you do, the wasps will consider it a threat to their home and may swarm and attack the perceived threat.

Barbecues and Grills

When the weather turns warmer, people want to go out and enjoy backyard barbecues once again. Few people expect to be met with a swarm of wasps when they open up the grill for the first time of the season, but it happens more often than people think. Barbecues and grills are full of nooks and crannies, including openings and vents. Wasps will make their way inside the grill and set up their nest and colony because it provides great protection from inclement weather and possible predators, such as spiders. To prevent wasps from making a home of your barbecue or grill, always keep it covered with a tarp, which will make it much more difficult for the wasps to get in.


When the weather starts to turn cooler in the fall, wasps no longer have any use for their nest and will abandon it. Over the winter, the nest will break down and wasps will not return to it the following year. However, during this time, the queen may look for a place to take shelter and start the process all over again. Sometimes, the queen finds that the inside of a home is the perfect spot to start her new colony.

If a wasp does make its way inside to nest, it will likely build its new home inside of a window, or in the attic. Attics provide shelter and allow the wasps to live in the nest relatively undisturbed. Wasps may create a nest in the interior of a window because it provides them access to light, which allows them to see their prey better, and also provides warmth. After a wasp builds a nest and colony in the home, the situation can become very dangerous, so it is important to call a professional that can remove it.

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