7 Tips on Hiring a Pest Control Company for Homeowners

As a homeowner finding pests in your home can be the worst nightmare. Pests can damage your property or cause illnesses. In addition, the presence of spiders, ants, and rodents at home can be a frightening ordeal to your family members.

For this reason, you should consider making your home pest-free by hiring a pest control company. Do you prefer using DIY strategies when dealing with pests?

If yes, chances are you are misusing pest control products, which can put your health at risk. Pest control companies have experienced and trained experts who can get rid of pests quickly and safely.

In addition, having pests eliminated once and for all saves you money. However, to have pest infestation menace dealt with properly, you must hire the best pest control company.

But with more than 28,329 pest control businesses in the US alone, how do you narrow it down to the best pest control company? Worry no more.
Here are the 7 tips you can follow when hiring a pest control company for your home.

1. Pest Control Experience

When dealing with pest invasion issues, you will need a pest control company with experience in handling the specific type of pest you have. An experienced pest control company knows what chemicals to use and the correct dose when dealing with pests.

To determine the experience of the pest control company, you will need to research their website. Most of the pest control companies always include a portfolio on their website that indicates their past projects. By checking their past work, you can judge the competence of the pest control company.

However, be keen; not all pest control companies that have been in the business for long will offer quality services. Some might by surviving by taking advantage of new clients. Therefore, to further test the pest control company’s experience, ask as many questions as possible.

Ask them how they handle the type of pest you face and some of the risks involved with the pest control process. A pest control company that cannot clearly describe the pest control strategy they use is worth keeping off.

But a company that has a well-outlined pest elimination procedure is worth working with.

2. Licensing

Besides checking on the experience, you need to focus on the licensing of the pest control company. It’s a legal requirement for all pest control companies to acquire a license before beginning operations.

The state closely monitors licensed pest control companies to ensure they follow the right standards and safety procedures when handling their business.

Therefore, when dealing with such licensed pest control companies, you don’t have to worry about the quality of their services. But be warned not all pest control companies will have genuine licenses. Thus, you will need to check with the local licensing department to verify the validity of the license.

3. References and Reviews

You are definitely not the first person to need pest control services. Consider asking for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Chances are, your friends will recommend you to professional and reliable pest control companies near you.

If none of your friends and relatives has hired pest control services recently, you will have to do online research. When searching online for pest control companies, reviews are your best partner. Online reviews can inform you about the competence and the experience of the pest control company.

Does the company have many positive reviews on its website? If yes, they are worth giving a try. However, be warned of companies that include ingenuine reviews on their website. To avoid landing in the hands of such companies, consider reading third-party reviews from the better business bureau.

4. Compare Rates and Charges

The prices charged for pest control will vary from one company to another. The pest control strategies used, the extent of your damage, and several other factors will determine the charges you will pay for the pest control services.

Thus, before picking a pest control company, ensure to compare the prices. But be warned of pest control companies whose rates are below the market range. Companies charging very low prices are either new to the industry or use pesticides that are not efficient.

A pest control company that takes pride in its services knows the worth of its services. If the company you like charges high prices, take some time to find out why. If the rates are reasonable, then it might be worth working with the company.

5. Insurance

Pest control is a process that involves the use of hazardous chemicals. If an accident involving the use of such chemicals occurs, the person using them might get injured. If the pest control company does not have an insurance cover, you might be liable for compensating the injured worker.

To avoid such a scenario, it’s always better to hire the services of an insured pest control company. Hiring an insured pest control company saves you from compensating injuries and eliminates delays with the pest control process.

But do you know the various types of insurance covers that a pest control company should have?

Reliable pest control companies should have general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. The worker’s compensation insurance covers the safety of employees during the process of pest control.

If any damages arise during the pest control process, general liability insurance should get you covered.

6. Quality Guarantee

It’s always essential to hire a pest control company that offers a guarantee for their services. You will not want a company that will abandon you halfway if the pest control process goes south.

Companies that are confident in their work will always offer a guarantee for their services. Therefore, before hiring a pest control company, ask about the type of guarantee they offer.

7. Get Information on the Products

When dealing with the same types of pests, different companies are likely to use different products. The last thing you would want is to hire a pest control company that uses harmful products. Therefore, ensure to ask the company about the kind of products they use.

Carry out online research on the products they use. If the products are safe, then you can go ahead and hire a pest control company.

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Finding a pest control company with customers’ interests at heart might be challenging. But choosing a reputable and experienced pest control company can save you money and guarantee quality results.

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