Identifying & Eliminating Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies & Drain Flies

When your home is invaded by tiny, flying insects, you may assume you’ve got fruit flies, but that may not be the case. Fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies are often similar in size and can overtake your home. Here are a few tips for identifying and stopping these three pesky flies.

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnat adults are less than one-eighth inch long, brown or black with light colored legs and have a mosquito-like appearance. They fly erratically and seem to bounce through the air. You will find fungus gnats flying near potted plants, which offer a nice moisture layer for the larvae to grow into mature adult gnats.

If you have fungus gnats, cut back on watering and treat the soil with an insecticide. Also, avoid adding water-retaining material such as peat moss when potting a plant.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies look similar to house flies but are much smaller. The two most common fruit flies, the red-eyed fruit fly, and the dark-eyed fruit fly, are brownish/black and have striped abdomens. They fly in a smooth path. Any rotting food or area of moist, organic material will be attractive to fruit flies, including garbage cans, compost bins, sink drains, and garbage disposals.

The best way to get rid of fruit flies is to keep your kitchen and garbage cans clean of any accumulated debris that may attract them. This includes thoroughly rinsing out beverage containers, using fruit quickly or placing it in the refrigerator, sealing garbage cans, and removing trash regularly from the area.

Drain Flies

Drain flies have a hairy body with large wings and breed in the slime that coats drains in your home. Once you recognize that you have drain flies, put some tape over the drains where you suspect they are emerging and leave it overnight. The next day, check to see if any flies have been collected. Once you know their source, you can begin eradication.

Use an enzyme drain cleaner and follow the package instructions. A few hours after applying the drain cleaner, flush warm water down the pipe to eliminate any remaining sludge. By completely cleaning the drains, the flies should vanish as a result.

If your fly invasion is more than you can handle, Amco Ranger Termite & Pest Solutions can get rid of the invaders using safe options for your family and pets. Contact us today at (636) 441-BUGS (2847).