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How to Humanely Get Rid of Mice

A single pair of mice can produce around 8,000 mice in a year. This is one of many reasons why you don’t want to have mice in your home. But the many available mouse traps are not very humane. 

How can you humanely get rid of mice? The trick mainly involves prevention. But there are a few humane ways you can solve a rodent infestation if prevention is no longer an option. 

Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

Store Your Food Safely

If you want to avoid a mouse problem, you need to take better care of your food. Mice have amazing noses and they can smell food from long distances away. Many people leave food lying around because they don’t know any better.

Do you have open bags of chips sitting around? What about bowls of fruit or food that hasn’t been packaged well? All of this is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Once mice smell that food, they’ll try anything to squeeze into your house. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing mice scuttling around your house soon after. Crumbs are very attractive to mice as well.

Leaving a few crumbs on your kitchen counter or the floor will attract mice from all around. This is why it is important to keep your home as clean as possible if you’re worried about mice. All your food should be stored inside cabinets or sealed containers. 

This is important for everything from potato chips and cereal to leftovers.

The Details

Sweeping under your furniture can help too. There are likely old crumbs of food under your furniture.

They might not be noticeable to you, but they are very noticeable to mice. You should also be wary of your garbage. Suppose you forgot to close the lid to your trash can. 

This might not seem like a big deal. But it can cause a mouse infestation in no time. You’ll then have to call a pest control service or try to tackle the problem yourself. 

But you can easily avoid this by closing the trash can’s lid. This makes it much harder for the mice to get into your trash. It will also make your trash less attractive to mice. 

They might not bother with your trash and instead, find an easier target.

Try Live Traps

Many people don’t like the idea of using mousetraps or glue traps. These hurt the mice and they may have an agonizing time before they die. You don’t have to be cruel to get mice out of your house. 

You can instead try live traps. These traps don’t kill the mice once they get trapped. They are small boxes that prevent a mouse from exiting once it enters. 

There is nothing that snaps or smashes a part of the mouse’s body. The mouse will stay safely inside the trap until you go retrieve it. You can then bring the trap outside and open it. 

This allows the mouse to go back into the wild without being harmed or killed. But these traps can turn inhumane if you’re not careful. Keeping a mouse inside the trap for too long will cause it to starve to death. 

It may also die of dehydration. There is a chance that a mouse could die from excessive stress too. You need to check a live trap every hour or so if you want to use it humanely. 

You shouldn’t bother with this trap if you are going to be away from home for several hours or days. The mouse that you trap will be dead within such a long period. 

What You Need to Know

You can increase your chances of catching a mouse by putting food inside to lure the mouse. But you should always keep the trap clean if you aren’t using it. Food residue or crumbs can make the trap a magnet for mice. 

Be careful when cleaning these traps since mice carry diseases. Hosing it down is a good way to do away with any residue inside the trap. You can easily obtain these traps at many hardware stores. 

But don’t confuse live traps with inhumane traps as they look similar. 

Call a Pest Control Service

Suppose you’ve tried everything to get mice out of your house. You may have cleaned up all the crumbs and closed the trash can. You may have tried a variety of live traps too. 

But you still have a mouse problem. You can solve this issue by calling a pest control service. Pest control services know all about mice and how they behave. 

They also know what might be attracting them and where they’re coming from. Pest control services know how to humanely remove mice from any environment. They can prevent the same problem from happening in the future too. 

They are far more effective than any trap or preventative measure. These services work fast too. Your mouse problem should be gone by the end of the day or so.

You can then go back to enjoying your home without any mice getting in the way.

How to Get Rid of Mice Humanely

You don’t have to be cruel to get rid of mice. You can prevent the problem by storing your food properly and closing your trash can lid. You can also try live traps if mice are already inside your home. 

Pest control services are your best option since they are experienced and high-quality. To learn more about these services, check out what we have to offer