spider crawling through house

Facts About the Misunderstood House Spider

House spiders are not lost travelers in our homes, their homes are our homes. People tend to lump them in with insects, like roaches, ants, crickets, but they aren’t insects and they don’t want to invade our homes. If anything, house spiders are on our side. Their role is to kill the insects that do invade our home, the insects that we’re too scared to kill. So, before you pick up a shoe or magazine to squish a spider, take a closer look at them. We’ll be giving you a few interesting facts about the misunderstood house spiders.

Humans and Spiders Are Closer Than You Think

Seeing a spider in your space might feel like they’re invading your home, but spiders evolved close to 300 million years ago. In fact, they predate dinosaurs and humans. Good luck trying to get rid of house spiders from home, not only are stubborn, but a majority of house spiders have adapted to indoor conditions like indoor climates and limited access to food and water. Typically, they spend their entire lives in, on, under and around their native building, i.e. houses, bridges, and other types of human structures.

Kicking Spiders Out of Your Home

A lot of time a person’s first reaction to a spider in their home is to kill it. Then, there are also people who want to rescue the spider and take it outside back to their “habitat”. The thing is, a House Spider’s habitat is not outside, it’s your home. By putting the spider outside, it probably won’t survive outside of its habitat and will die.

But not all spiders you find in your home are house spiders. It can be hard to tell spiders apart, but if you do come across a spider that came into your home from the outside, take it back outside. Or, if these outdoor spiders pose more of a threat, call an Amco Ranger and we’ll take care of it.

The Unsung Hero

There are a lot of misconceptions about spiders that incite fear and give them a bad reputation. The last thing a house spider wants to do is bite you, they’d rather prey on insects because it’s a food source for them–you’re not. Spiders in general rarely bite people and if they do it’s because they’ve been provoked. Outdoor spiders are a defense against agricultural pests and indoor spiders offer very similar benefits, preying on pests that invade your home and if left alone, spiders will eat a majority of the insects in your home. Aside from them consuming pests, they’re great for disease control. Spiders help to limit the spread of diseases carried by insects like fleas, mosquitoes, and roaches.

If you come across house spiders no need to freak out, just let them be. House spiders won’t go away, their home is your home. You can do things to lessen the number of house spiders, like vacuuming along with window sills, behind furniture, and along the floorboards to suck up any spider webs you see. But, if you do come across spiders like Brown Recluses or outdoor spiders, give Amco Ranger a call, and we’ll assess the situation. Call today to schedule your FREE inspection at (636) 224-BUGS.